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16 January 2014

Welcome to the BMW Club Canada website.


16 January 2014

Check out the Motorsports menu item for details and links to a variety of club...

BMW Rewards Program

16 January 2014

One of the membership privileges available to all BMW Clubs Canada members is a 2%...


16 January 2014

The National Club publishes a Yearbook summarizing clubs, activities, financials (annual report information) as well...

Events Calendar

30 January 2014

Events for clubs across the country are being added to the Calendar all the time...

Return to Trenton MC Rally

10 March 2014

Mark your calendars! The Loonie-tic BMW Riders (12th annual) Return to Trenton Rally is scheduled for...

2014 GS Challenge - Canadian Wilderness

21 April 2014

The 2014 edition of the BMW GS Challenge (fun international competition for GS riders) will...