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SunParlour Beemers is a group of BMW motorcycle owners and friends from Windsor, Ontario, Canada who like to get together for breakfast and rides. Anyone is welcome, whether you own an F650, an R twin, or a K bike, you are welcome. If you don’t own a Beemer, or don’t even own a motorcycle, that is okay, too. Sun Parlour’s application to BMW Clubs Canada to become an official club is in progress, with just a few last small details to work out.

The BMW Club of Saskatchewan hosted BMW Clubs Canada Annual General Meeting in Regina Saskatchewan on April 8/9 2017. Many thanks to Reg Hodsman for arranging everything, hotel, meeting rooms, and an excellent mixer with local members. Thanks also to Dilawri BMW for providing vehicles (new 530 and X5) to help shuttle national directors around over the weekend. Minutes for the AGM have been distributed to all national directors and are available through your local club representative.

100th Car Club BC

The BMW Car Club of British Columbia celebrated 100 years of BMW at their Annual Concours and Heritage Celebration, August 21 2016 at Waterfront Park, North Vancouver.

The BMW Riders Vancouver Island held their end of summer annual BBQ. This year under the BMW 100 Year Banner. Unfortunately the sunshine did not hold long enough, so eats and drinks were enjoyed whilst huddled under 3 gazebos. Notwithstanding there was a good turnout and everyone enjoyed the lucky dip prizes – there was something for everyone thanks to BMW IC and BMW Clubs Canada!


The BMW Motorcycle Club Ontario held their annual pig roast and celebrated BMW’s 100 year anniversary in Kawartha Lakes Ontario on the weekend of Sep 24, 2016. There were 40 members were in attendance and although it was a cool weekend, the sun was out and a good time was had by all (well, maybe not «Miss Piggy»). Cheers to the next 100 years!

The BMW Club Saskatchewan held a special get-together in celebration of BMW’s 100th anniversary with an excellent BBQ and some delicious cake! Enjoy-

The BMW Car Club of Ottawa held a special get-together in celebration of BMW’s 100th anniversary in conjunction with the Gatineau Auto Show on August 13th. While it was a bit wet, more than 70 enthusiasts brought out their cars for an excellent day. We had a photographer out from and they had a nice posting on their site Wolfhard provided these for the website- enjoy!

BMW Motorcycle Club Niagara Riders had an excellent celebratory get-together in June. Darryl and Terry Cainey and club members brought out some great vintage bikes on a bright sunny day down in Southern Ontario.

BMW Corral 2016

Trillium BMW Club welcomes all members to the BMW Corral at CTMP (Mosport) on July 7-10. The Corral will be part of the Weather Tech pro race weekend. For those of you who have been to one of these weekends, you already know how much fun they are! If you haven’t been, we encourage you to come out! We are extremely fortunate to be working with one of the preeminent dealer networks in the Greater Toronto Area on this initiative.

New Trillium Web

The Trillium chapter has updated their website and website URL. Please find their new home at