National Umbrella Organization representing all official BMW Clubs in Canada

100year Celebrations

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The International Council of BMW Clubs has set August 20, 2016 (or thereabouts) as the date for clubs to hold celebrations worldwide marking BMW’s centenary.

In support of these celebrations, BMW Classic is donating swag (i.e., goodies) to each national club or umbrella worldwide. At the recently completed AGM, it was decided to distribute the swag in support of club events celebrating BMW’s 100 years.

Merchandise has arrived at BMW Clubs National office and an itemized list has been distributed to all clubs.

Please make sure that your club works with your national director to submit a description of your activity celebrating the 100th anniversary of BMW and itemized request for collatoral to use at your event so that it can be shipped out.

All clubs holding events will be submitting photos and video of their events for compilation later this summer.