National Umbrella Organization representing all official BMW Clubs in Canada

2020 Year End

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As this roller-coaster of a year comes to an end, and with continued uncertainty ahead, we continue to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

While many events were cancelled and participation was often extremely limited, many clubs did in fact host some excellent activities and many of us found a little bit of happiness in a world of chaos.

Clubs were creative in matching activities to the new reality – motorcycle rides now required bring-your-own picnic lunches, track days changed to ‘follow the leader’ format instead of in-car instruction, and restaurant-based meetings changed to outdoor ‘cars and coffee’ formats.

We are looking forward to 2021 – with vaccines on the way and some pent-up energy and renewed interest in club activities next summer I suspect it will be one of the busiest years in terms of events! BMW has also refreshed it’s branding/logos and clubs around the world will be following suit- stay tuned for new club logos coming very soon.

We just need to hold on and wait it out. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you out in the near future!

Chris Pawlowicz President, BMW Clubs Canada