National Umbrella Organization representing all official BMW Clubs in Canada

COVID-19 and BMW Clubs Canada

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The health and safety of all club members, their friends, families and communities are of highest concern to BMW Clubs Canada. As such, our directors have voted overwhelmingly to suspend all in-person activities for the immediate future.

Beginning at 12:00AM ET March 23, 2020, and running through May 30, 2020 at midnight ET, BMW Clubs Canada and all member clubs are suspending any in-person events or gatherings under the umbrella of BMW Clubs Canada.

Many of our member clubs are expecting to cancel events much further into the future and it is likely that most of our regular summer events will be impacted.

The directors of BMW Clubs Canada will be meeting again on Saturday May 30 via teleconference to discuss the next steps. We are very hopeful that we will be able to start back up some kind of physical interactions after that but only time will tell.

We will of course be monitoring the situation closely, following the recommendations of the Government of Canada and local authorities, and provide more information as it becomes available.

Please everybody – stay safe and take care of your self and your family! We will talk soon.

Chris Pawlowicz President, BMW Clubs Canada